Travel to Lhokseumawe, Acheh

16062008197-300x225Lhokseumawe? What do you think if hear this word? Or may be you really never hear this word. Because really person detects that there is no word as Lhokseumawe at Acheh. But if mention to company and liquefied natural gas processing factory PT. ARUN NGL CO, sure everybody will know. Yes. Lhokseumawe is a place that the factory established.

The city that ever known as petro dollar, it has uniqueness aloof. How not. City position situated not far from this coast makes coast nature atmosphere that cool. Even less now wind is blowing so tall as if is waving welcome for everyone that pay a visit at this city.

After go down at bus terminal located in Jalan Merdeka. You can begin your holiday trip. In front of terminal, you can hold a publik transport or known as labi-labi. The cost IDR 3,000 once rise. This cost is operative during you in car. If you out so you are worn new cost.

If you want to stroll, you can charter car. There are some effort rental car at this city. They this is many prepare special cars rental. Like toyota innova, fortuner, avanza and others. The cost between IDR 400,000-500,000 a day. You can also take driver with surcharger around IDR 200,000.

If you don’t have money to charter car, you are unnecessary worries. There around 8000 unit becak at this city. You can stop becak or motorcycle that fit-upped with seat, drive every minute, as alternative vehicle. The cost around IDR 15,000-35,000 per unit per trip to in city. That is even also still to depending to your agreement with the driver.

If you want to trace to stroll protocol by using when evening, you will feel the taste city nature atmosphere. This not other because weather and climate uncertain, make wind blows reasonable tight. Clouds menggumpal-gumpal seen very clear in the sky. Fit once to made inspiration a contemporary painter that fuses between nature atmosphere with metropolitan way.

Also gracious the society. If you are lost and want to ask where hotel location, inn or your location purpose etc, please don’t hestitate to ask them. They are ready for help you.

You also unnecessary worry with place eats. There so much place choice eats delicious and taste alongside road. There are coffee shops, rice shop, fried noodle shop, barbeque shop, bakso shop, little confectionery and assorted cake another. At the coffee shop, you can drink the most delicious coffee that ever made. All almost in every road intersection corner.

At this city the special food is Acheh fried noodle and martabak. Also there another victuals. Also cheap relative the cost. If you go to WARUNG KOPI JASA located in Jalan Sukaramai,  and then you are want fried noodle message and sweet tea ice, so you will be worn cost at the most IDR 20,000. Reasonable cheap, is it? There also there acheh special cake likes pulot, boh rom rom and as it. There also ROTI CANE with sand sugar.

If you want to stay, at this city is there also hotel and inn. Like Hotel DIANA at Mon Geudong, TUAH RIZKY at Jalan Samudera,  LIDO GRAHA at Jalan Medan–Banda Aceh, HARUN SQUARE HOTEL at clock branch intersection and other as it. All that can make you feel comfortable to prolonging live in this city.

If you run out of money, you also don’t worry. You can visit national banks office of branch located in several places. Like BANK MANDIRI, BCA and BNI at Jalan Merdeka, CIMB NIAGA at Jalan Perdagangan, DANAMON at Jalan Sukaramai,  and PANIN BANK at Jalan Samudera. Or you can also use ATM (automatic teller machine ) at certain places. Like ATM BANK MANDIRI at SUZUYA SUPERMARKET. This supermarket is located in location of HARUN SQUAREe at Jalan Samudera. After you collect money from ATM, you can buy anything at this supermarket.

Do you interested?

With slogan Jak Lom u Lhokseumawe, we invite you and your family is to visits this city. We assure you that you will feel so experience and you will not forget for rest of yourlife.

Source :

Ace Travel

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